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Special Flags for a Special Town

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Bernards, NJ - Historic American and Bernards Township flags are now available for purchase as part of a fundraiser by the Bernards Township Republican Municipal Committee. These flags are being manufactured by Annin Flagmakers, a nationally historic flag making company with ties to Bernards Township. The company is celebrating its 175th anniversary.

The Township flags are being produced as part of a special effort by The Mr. Local History Project. ”I’ve been trying to put this together for years,” says Mr. Brooks Betz, local historian and Trustee at the Mr. Local History Project. He spearheaded the effort to have these historic flags manufactured and made available to residents. “Right now there are only two Bernards Township flags being flown in the township and we want to help change that,” said Mr Betz.

He contacted Annin Flagmakers, one of the most prominent flag manufacturers in the nation. Founded in 1847 by the grandson of local colonial patriot William Annin, the company's American flags have flown over every Presidential Inauguration from Zachary Taylor to George W. Bush and have draped the casket of Abraham Lincoln. Annin flags have flown over the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge, were the centerpiece of the iconic moment at Iwo Jima, and graced the surface of the moon with Apollo 11.

Annin Flagmakers agreed to produce these historic Bernards Township flags based on the "official design." Created in 1960 by resident James Fogelman, the flag represents the 4 sections of Bernards Township, contains symbolic colors of red and gold, and features oak leaves which recall the township’s iconic tree.

While the original idea was to sell only American flags, BTRMC Fundraising Chair Tina DelGiorno jumped at the invitation to work with Mr Betz and the Mr Local History Project. “Part of the charm of our town is its history and tradition. We’re excited to give residents a chance to fly Old Glory while also saluting our local traditions," she said. “I think everyone is just tired of being divided. There is nothing red, blue, left or right about this. It's just a chance to show some pride in where we live.”

BTRMC Chair Scott Mitzner agreed saying, "There is a time for politics, but this is an opportunity to be united in our support for Bernards Township and our great nation. All Bernards residents can come together and fly these flags with great pride."

Both the Bernards Township and authentic Annin American flags are available for purchase through the BTRMC website. The flags are 3’ x 5’, feature the Annin Flagmaker logo, and have grommets for hanging. Flags are being sold for $45 each and can be purchased at A portion of the proceeds go toward the Bernards Township Republican Municipal Committee and their John J. Bayeux, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, awarded every year to a Ridge High School student.

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