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Candidates Jennifer Asay and Andrew McNally declare victory in Bernards Township

Basking Ridge, NJ – Earlier this year, Republican candidates for the Bernards Township Committee, Jennifer Asay and Andrew McNally, announced their campaign under the banner of “For Bernards, For You.” Today, Jen and Andrew declared victory by overwhelming numbers.

Their platform of keeping Bernards debt-free, opposing overdevelopment, preserving our quality of life, continuing the town’s long history of good government, as well as keeping Bernards safe and welcoming clearly resonated with voters.

Throughout the campaign, Jen and Andrew had a consistent message, namely: “We are dedicated to keeping Bernards known as one of the safest and “Best Places to Live” in the entire United States.” Jen and Andrew are fiscal conservatives with the necessary experience and expertise needed to properly serve the community. “We intend to continue the efficient, responsive and community-focused government we enjoy” explained Jen.

As Andrew emphasized during the campaign: “We have a ‘pay-as-you-go’ philosophy and we oppose overdevelopment. In addition, we believe all of our residents deserve to be treated equally with respect and dignity. Jen and I are committed to keeping Bernards Township the safe and welcoming community our residents have chosen to call home.”

Jen and Andrew wish to express their tremendous gratitude to the voters in Bernards Township. “We want to thank all of our supporters, including the many independent and Democratic voters who voted for us, for having faith in us to represent you at the Township level. We will work as hard and as smart as we can for all the residents of Bernards Township. Thank you all for your confidence in us and God Bless each and every one of you.” Both Jen and Andrew were first-time candidates for Bernards Township Committee.

Bernards Township has always been named as one of the best places to live in the entire USA in large measure because of decades of sound Republican leadership. Jen and Andrew intend to apply their expertise, drive, dedication, and knowledge to continue the tradition of low taxes, safety, smart growth and outstanding quality of life that is the foundation of our town's success. Jen and Andrew ran a positive campaign and spoke to the issues.

See for more information about the voting results and information about the candidates’ platform.

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