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Bernards Township GOP Elects Leadership Team

Basking Ridge, NJ – The Bernards Township Republican Municipal Committee (BTRMC), on June 27, 2022, reorganized its leadership structure re-electing Scott Mitzner its chair, John Carpenter as vice chair, Alice Smyk as treasurer, Tom Grady as corresponding secretary, and Lisa Baumann as recording secretary.

The purpose of the Bernards Township Republican Municipal Committee is to promote the political philosophy of the Republican Party, to assist in the selection and election of qualified Republican candidates for public office, and to provide for an active Republican voice in the affairs of government. Its philosophy is:

• A smaller, more efficient government

• Lower, more reasonable taxes across the board for all citizens and businesses

• Preserving the quality of life for all of our residents

• Equal and inclusive opportunities

Chairman Mitzner has been a Bernards Township resident since 1996, including years in Spring Ridge, the Hills and currently in District 9 where he resides with his wife and 2 daughters. He has spent 15 of those years serving on the Republican Municipal Committee. Scott is a partner in his law firm and also serves as Public Defender for 19 municipalities throughout Somerset, Hunterdon and Union Counties. He attended college at Duke University where he majored in Political Science and then received his law degree from Vanderbilt University. He has volunteered as the attorney coach for the Ridge Mock Trial Team, is an avid sports fan and has coached countless youth teams in town for both his daughters.

“I thank the RMC members for having the confidence in me to continue the incredible path we are on. We have an amazing executive board and the RMC is more unified than ever. I am extremely proud of all we have accomplished as a team, but the real work begins now. I eagerly look forward to leading that effort,” said Chairman Mitzner. “We have an incredible team assembled and are always looking to include new and diverse members of the community to help grow the Republican Party and preserve and improve Bernards Township, a community we all love and are proud to call our home,” he added.

“It’s an honor to be a member of the Bernards Township Republican Municipal Committee. I thank my colleagues on the BTRMC for placing their faith in me by choosing me to serve as their Vice Chair. I’m delighted to be a member of Chairman Mitzner’s executive board,” said Vice-Chairman Carpenter. “I look forward to promoting the Republican philosophy of law and order, public safety, parental engagement in their children’s education, prosperity, small government, low taxes and no debt. It’s a philosophy that resonates with voters and stands in stark contrast to the Democrats’ platform.”

The Committee is continuing to welcome new members of all ages. While there are still openings to serve as an official municipal committee member, other residents can still volunteer for other valuable and enjoyable roles. To get involved, to learn who your municipal committee members are, or to learn more email:

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