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An Announcement from the Bernards Township RMC Chair

Dear Fellow Bernards Township Republicans and Friends:

I write to you today as your Chair of the Bernards Township Republican Municipal Committee and as a long-time resident of Bernards Township. I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday season.

As all of us know, Bernards Township is an incredible place to call home and raise a family and has been recognized as one of the best communities in the entire United States. This is a direct result of years of fiscally conservative and dedicated Republican leadership at the Township Committee level. However, we cannot take this for granted and assume the success we have had as a town will continue into the future.

Please join us in upholding and supporting the principles we cherish. As strong fiscal conservatives, we are committed to keeping Bernards debt-free and financially strong, opposing overdevelopment, promoting community engagement and transparency, and supporting our dedicated police and first responders.

You can support our shared mission by getting involved and making your voices heard - either through the Tap the Talent form, attending our upcoming events and fundraisers, keeping in touch with us, or spreading our message with your friends and neighbors. You can also help by donating to our cause directly as we continue to strengthen our community.

We are YOUR Bernards Township Republican Municipal Committee and we will continue to fight tirelessly for Republicans and Republican causes in Bernards Township and beyond. We welcome your help and assistance in preserving our great quality of life that we all cherish.

We all chose Bernards Township because it is the ideal location to live and raise a family, and I know we all want to keep Bernards the incredible, exceptionally run and welcoming community it has always been under Republican governance.

Thank you all for your support. Together, we make the difference.


Scott Mitzner

Chair - Bernards Township Republican Municipal Committee


Volunteer for Bernards Township Boards and Committees through Tap the Talent:

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