Bernards Township Republican Municipal Committee (BTRMC) works to select and
elect fiscally responsible leaders who focus on keeping our community
a safe and welcoming place to live.


A smaller, more efficient government

Lower, more reasonable taxes across the board for all citizens and businesses

Preserving the quality of life for all of our residents

Equal and inclusive opportunities

2020-21 BTRMC

Executive Committee


Scott Mitzner, Chair

Nancy Ferreira, Vice Chair

Alice Smyk, Treasurer

Richard Huckins, Recording Secretary

Tom Grady, Corresponding Secretary

2020-21 BTRMC Members


In Bernards Township there are 24 voting districts. Each of these voting districts elects two representatives (a man and a woman) to serve on the Republican Municipal Committee (RMC). These representatives are the body that identifies, endorses, and supports candidates for local office including the Bernards Township Committee. The  RMC representatives’ role is to represent your best interests and bring your concerns forward.


Your RMC Representatives fulfill this role by:​

​Participating in monthly BTRMC meetings

Supporting Republican candidates for Bernards Township Committee,

By engaging with the community through campaign events, meet and greets, and discussing issues that impact our community 

Serving as a poll challenger at local elections

Terms are two years in length. 

District 1: Jennifer Asay & Derek Asay

District 2: Thomas Taveroni

District 3: Lauren Carpenter & John Carpenter

District 4: Tamera Coelho & John Coelho

District 5: Michael Storms

District 6: Patricia Crane & John Crane

District 7: Carolyn Gaziano & Dan Eorio

District 8: Susan Telesmanic & Jim Baldassare 

District 9: Carol Bianchi & Scott Mitzner

District 10: Paul Axt & Richard Hukins

District 11: Debra Esposito & Paul Humbert

District 12: Kevin Orr & Stella Perna

District 13: Kathleen Piedici & Tom Grady

District 14: Christina "Tina" DelGiorno & Gerard Elson

District 15: Nancy Ferreira

District 16: Janice Fields & Barry Fields

District 17: Vivian Pagoulatos & James LaMaire

District 18: Mary Jane Postal

District 19: Patsy Ragonese

District 20: Alice Smyk & David Tancredi

District 21: Leslie Minsch & Nick Yu

District 22: Leslie Workman & Karl Kraus 

District 23: Daniel Claps

District 24: Laurie Albee & Michael Dolgonos

There are currently openings in several Districts. Please contact the BTRMC Corresponding Secretary, Thomas Grady if interested at BTRMC.correspondence@mail.com

Not sure of your District? Follow this link to the New Jersey Division of Elections